Hello! I’m Kelly, owner and founder of Design Your Destinations, Luxury Travel Concierge for jet setting entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

Starting this company was a dream come true for me. Travel has always been a passion of mine from a very young age. I studied history in college because it allowed me to fulfill my desire of learning about different places and cultures. I planned travel for years on the side until I decided to make it my full time occupation. Nothing makes me happier than people coming back from their travels all lit up excited to tell me about the amazing things they experienced and how much they loved working with me to help make their travel dreams a reality.

The whole concept of Design Your Destinations came to me on a trip to Paris. It was towards the end of my trip and I had seen everything that everyone said was a “must see,” but I felt like something was missing. Growing up I had a magazine clipping of this black and white picture of the stairs of Montmartre and I always imagined seeing it for myself. Besides the Eiffel Tower, this scene represented quintessential Paris for me. When I finally found the stairs, I experienced so many different emotions at the same time, I was smiling and laughing and my eyes filled with tears of joy. I was so happy! As I looked down at the cascading staircase lined with beautiful trees and lanterns, that’s when it truly hit me that I was in Paris. I kept a promise I made to myself so very long ago as a little girl. It was one of the most magical moments of my life.

The experience in Paris made me realize how truly important travel is and that it has the power to make you feel more alive and grateful than ever. It also made me see that today’s travel industry wasn’t really meeting the needs of most people who desire to travel and why they want to travel. I wanted to start a travel company to help people make their travel dreams come true and do truly customized travel for them, so they could experience those magical surprises meant just for them. I wanted to work like a “travel therapist” or a “travel coach” per se and use unique methods to get to know people and find out their deepest travel desires, in order to design the perfect trip for them. Today, that vision has developed into Design Your Destinations. It is such an honor to work with all of you who are just as passionate about seeing the world.

So, what light’s you up? What are the real reasons you want to visit a destination? Let Design Your Destinations help you make that happen!

To Exciting Travels!